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Book: The Foreign Policies of Post-Yugoslav States. From Yugoslavia to Europe (Palgrave MacMillan, 2014)

Abstract and Chapter Breakdown


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Project: Special Issue of Journal of Intervention and State-building on the state-nation problem

  • "State-nation problems in the Balkans" 
    (Stahl and Keil)

  • "EU: From Ignorance to Engagement” (forthcoming)
  • "Contested Statehood: Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina" (forthcoming)
  • "The EU integration of Slovenia and Croatia" (forthcoming)
  • "The European integration process of Macedonia and Montenegro" (forthcoming)
  • "The state/nation concept in Serbia" (forthcoming)
  • "EU: From Engagement to Enlargement Fatigue” (forthcoming)

Project: Special Issue in Croatian Journal of International Relations on state-building (forthcoming)

Special Issue "Europeanization, State-Building and Democratization in the Western Balkans" of Nationalities Papers (2013)

Presented at UACES 2012

  • From Constituent to Minority Nation: Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo (Keil)

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